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Product parameters

1, wood oil effect: wood oil can make the pseudo-classic style, Chinese style, rural type, such as the Mediterranean effect.

2, the construction is convenient, the wood wax do not understand friend, whether your DIY or ask worker to help, all want to test it early, find the feeling. Wood oil and usual see paint coating is a completely different product, cannot use ever thinking to deal with, must be done in accordance with the manufacturer's method, in order to avoid large area construction cause irreparable loss!!!!!!!!!!!

3, choose wood oil must ask when the differences of their products, is a wood oil (just vegetable oil, low concentration, spreading rate is low, poor waterproof dirt resistant effect) or wood oil (contain more wax components, high concentration, high rate of coating, waterproof) good resistance to pollution, and probably will have to know the ingredients, such as what's inside what vegetable oil plant wax, some brands are tung oil, taste is bigger, so is the cause of the tung oil itself; If it is inside the palm wax has high hardness, good waterproof dirt resistance, wax was somewhat.

4, choice of different USES of wood oil, wood oil at present is more, different places have special wood oil. Such as floor, furniture surface with a hard wax oil, furniture is coloring wax, such as ceiling panel available oil, paraffin mahogany hardwood selection. So, in the case of cost savings as far as possible using the appropriate wood oil.

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