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Outdoor HouMu wax
  • Code:1001
  • Name:Outdoor HouMu wax
  • Specifications:2.75L
  • Remarks:
  • Categories:Wood oil in the world
  • Number:3785
  Product Description

Outdoor wood products specifically for protection wax oil:

Natural wax into wood. Does not contain synthetic pest control agent, prevent hair black, rot proof, moisture proof, waterproof and ultraviolet light resistance, good resistance to climate does not burst, can't afford to become warped, good hardness, durable natural wax into wood. Easy to repair and replacement of modern color Good climate resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation efficiency is high, 2, 1 liter available about 18 square meters with natural woad plant juice of timber, ecological wood colored wax. Made from natural Song blue juice;

Wood oil by BONIU NOBEL villa, you can reflect and express your preference for color, protect your outdoor wood products

These surface without using sandpaper, can besmear again, the internal organization of lumber are protected.

Can make any wood surface smooth. Wood fiber and texture well. In use process without traces and won't work. After processing the surface of the waterproof, anti-ultraviolet radiation and weather changes. Water vapor can evaporate, decrease the expansion and contraction

Can make the wood surface is bright and clean, waterproof resistance to dirty

Oil and natural shape and characteristics of wood perfect coordination.

Waterproof and stain resistant, easy to maintenance.

At the same time is also the first selection of all kinds of cork products. Colorless or light color. Soften the wood surface, strengthen the wood texture

All wood, prevent lumber dry, keep smooth.

Contains the active ingredient in order to protect the ground surface to prevent algae and moldy

Waterproof, can resist extreme climatic conditions and resistance to ultraviolet radiation

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