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Treasure treasure · Nobel belonging to Beijing cows paint industry technology development co., LTD., our company is a collection of scientific research development, production, sales and construction as one of the high-tech enterprises. Research and development, professional production and sales of natural wood oil plants. For each wood oil mass production manufacturer and wood oil factory provide crude oil, base oil, oil.

My company production of wood coating, based on a variety of natural vegetable oil and vegetable wax materials for production. Green environmental protection, do not contain benzene, xylene, toluene, mercury, lead, such as animal without any harm to human body, all the organic pigments for food grade, additive in line with the European pharmacopoeia standard of pure, insoluble in sweat and saliva, DIN53160 standard, is suitable for children's toys.

Treasure wood oil companies using the international advanced technology and modern production technology, maintenance experience, wooden material extraction plant essence, synthesis of the best of modern indoor and outdoor decoration. Treasure ushigi wax from the surface coating can be directly penetrate into the lower wood, fully combined with wood fiber, add oil, internal on the elasticity and vitality of wood; Don't form the paint film, make lumber breathe freely, shrinkage and expansion, not burst, can't afford to become warped, don't fall off; Wood oil do not fade, enhance the sense of texture, natural wood texture clear; A preservative, moistureproof, insect-resistant, wear-resisting, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, and other functions. And it can prevent external water and stain, for wood protection, moisturizing effect, also can be dyed for wood. Excellent BONIU ushigi wax products of environmental protection. > > to bring you the real environmental health.

BONIU NOBEL treasure bull · NOBEL "wood oil ingredient: flax seed oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, Thailand of small oil, carnauba wax, wax candle tree, etc. International import food grade pigment. Colour and lustre is bright beautiful durable, noble elegant, besmear brushs convenient, economic savings and other advantages.

"BONIU treasure cow" wood oil besmear brushs convenient, suitable for DIY besmear to brush, can also according to different requirements of consumers

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